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Easter specials

Traditional Portuguese Easter Breads

Sweetness in different forms. The Regueifa is a wreath of soft sweet bread with just a hint of cinnamon to tantalize your taste buds.

The Carreira is 4 attached long cinnamon bread rolls. Each one a perfect base for butter, jam or a traditional breakfast sandwich. Also sweet enough on its own with a cup of tea or coffee.

The Folare is the traditional Easter egg bread. Choose 3 hard boiled eggs or 4, round or delicious it will become part of everyone's Easter tradition.

Pound Cake Bunnies

These cute little creations are just as cute as they are delicious. Moist pound cake dipped in chocolate and decorated beautifully for your guests. These beauties are not hollow !!! Solid yumminess. 

Easter Basket cakes * Bunny Cakes 

7-inch layer cakes iced in colorful buttercream and adorned with coconut grass, jellybeans, and candies. Assorted fillings available. Makes a beautiful and delicious centerpiece. 

Easter Eggs

Moist yellow cake filled with vanilla pudding covered in white or dark chocolate. Definitely everyone's favorite little treat during this glorious holiday season.  Also, available are larger eggs filled with assorted filling and decorated with buttercream. Feel free to call in and request your favorite filling and icing. We will be taking orders for "special" eggs until 3/30.  

Lamb Cakes 

Made of moist butter pound cake, these lambs are traditional must-haves at the Easter table. Covered in white chocolate, buttercream, and coconut( if you choose). Two sizes available.

Easter Theme Cupcakes 

The kids will love these little treats. Mini Bunnies, little Easter baskets, and assorted flavored cupcakes will excite the little ones on your invite list. 

Pasteis de Nata * Custard Cups 

Your Easter table will not be complete without Pinho's Famous Custard Cups. Our " NATAS" will keep your guests lingering at the table for another bite of these delicious creme brulee like pastries. For an extra special treat, warm them in your oven for a few minutes and sprinkle them with cinnamon before serving. MMMMM ...


Easter would not be the same without Babkas. We carry several different flavors: Cheese, Cheese&Raisin, Raisin, Chocolate and a Plain Portuguese Style  Babka. 

Oreo Mousse Temptation

Its a union that only love could produce. Chocolate and vanilla mousse with Crushed Oreos...great at room temperature but chill in the freezer for a ice cream like experience ...just more intense and delicious

Open Easter Day from 5am  to 2pm...


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