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It started in a small town in Portugal decades ago, old world baking at its finest, with an eye for detail and consideration for those who would eventually indulge. Ernestina and Antonio met and fell in love in an old bakery in Murtosa, Portugal 60 years ago. With pride and hard work they created delicious breads that fed town dwellers for miles around. Their business was built on key principles that would pass through the generations, navigate the oceans and make a new home in New Jersey.


The tradition now continues with Raul, Julie and their family as they create baked goods so temping that you can smell the goodness even before stepping through their doors. Their success is still built on key ingredients: love, family, old- world baking and pride. Originally from the lronbound section of Newark, Raul, Julie, Linda and Annie found their way to Roselle in 1991. Through the years the bakery and deli have grown as have the selections of offerings. Their commitment to quality, family and community has remained steady and strong.


The beautiful warm store houses an enormous array of delicious and eye appealing breads, cakes and pastries. From the simple goodness of the multigrain loaf with raisins to the incredible creamy sensation of their pastel de nata (custard cup) who can walk away with a mere single item? There are dozens of different breads and rolls to choose from and hundreds of desserts to temp the palate.


Their deli carries a full line of Boars Head deli meats which when paired with Pinho's freshly baked bread, creates a sandwich that brings their regulars in 6 days a week (Closed Mondays). Their grill is also opened to provide breakfast sandwiches, hot lunch specials and even homemade meatloaf (on Thursdays). Breakfast and lunch have never been so fast, delicious and reasonable.


Birthday, special occasion and wedding cakes are custom made daily to celebrate the ordinary and extraordinary days of life. Great attention is placed on creating a tasty cake that will bring customers back year after year. We are Pinho’s Bakery!

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