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It's getting chilly...but we have some Winter treats that will warm your soul ( and stomach ). 


Coconut Bread

Our deliciously soft sweet dough intertwined to form this delectably moist braid. Topped with a generous amount of coconut flakes and baked to sweet perfection. Excellent any time of the day or night.. Come in and get one to share( or not). 

Bread Pudding

Comfort Food for the Soul. Our delicious cream mixture is poured over a combination of  Sweet Challah and Cinnamon Bread and allowed to seep  into every morsel to create this deliciously moist bread pudding. Original or topped with sugar pecan topping, these little treats are sure to please your longing for the good old taste of yesteryear. 


Portuguese Coconut Cups  "Pasteis de Coco"

Crispy thin puff pastry crust filled with a moist mountain of coconut filling. A traditional pastry in most Portuguese bakeries that is a staple throughout the country. We can see why coconut lovers can't resist. 

Braga Cookies

Inspired by our 2017 trip to Braga, Portugal. We love the flavors of Portugal, and when we encounter new items throughout our travels, we sometimes find inspiration worthy of bringing home. So here are these cute, little square cookies filled with an assortment of fillings and dusted with cookie dust. Chocolate ganache, dulce de leche, lemon, orange marmalade, and guava...with all these choices you are bound to find a favorite.  


Nutella Braid 


Moist sweet bread filled with everyone favorite NUTELLA !!!!! Topped with mini chocolate chips. SOOOO good!!! Take a sliver...but guaranteed you will be back for more !!

Pasteis de Nata * Custard Cups 

Natas are not the traditional gift that screams...I LOVE YOU. But what mom can resist these delicious creme brulee like pastries. For an extra special treat, warm them in your oven for a few minutes and sprinkle them with cinnamon before serving. MMMMM ...Mom will want you to bring them over EVERY time you visit. 

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