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Mothers Day specials

Mothers Day Treats

Select from a delicious array of heart shaped cakes and cookies. Yellow sponge with strawberry, chocolate, or lemon filling beautifully iced with delicious buttercream.  Mr Pinho's Premium chocolate mousse cake covered with ganache and decorated with a beautiful chocolate rose or a chocolate butterfly. Mini Strawberry, Resses, Red Velvet and Chocolate  heart shaped cakes. Heart Shaped sprinkled butter cookies and chocolate covered shortbread cookies. 

Mini Heart Shaped Cakes

Mini Chocolate Mouse Heart shaped cake covered with ganache.,  Red Velvet cake, cream cheese filling and white Ganache. Chocolate cake, filled with Peanut butter mousse and chocolate ganache. Yellow cake filled with strawberry filling  and fresh stawberries. 

Chocolate covered strawberries

Chocolate covered berries...keep it simply delicious with just chocolate and a mere drizzle or pick a favorite topping heath bar, oreo, chocolate chips or sprinkles.  

Chocolate covered heart cookies

Shortbread cookies covered in smooth chocolate...sending a message of love 

Chocolate Mousse Heart cake

As delicious as it is beautiful.....mmmmmm

Mothers Day Cupcakes

Not just for the five year olds...go ahead even as an adult, YOU can give your dear mom a cupcake that says I LOVE YOU ...its not the size of the treat, but the love behind the gesture. 

Pasteis de Nata * Custard Cups 

Natas are not the traditional gift that screams...I LOVE YOU. But what mom can resist these delicious creme brulee like pastries. For an extra special treat, warm them in your oven for a few minutes and sprinkle them with cinnamon before serving. MMMMM ...Mom will want you to bring them over EVERY time you visit. 

Oreo Mousse Temptation

Its a union that only love could produce. Chocolate and vanilla mousse with Crushed Oreos...great at room temperature but chill in the freezer for a ice cream like experience ...just more intense and delicious

Open Mothers Day from 5am  to 2pm...


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